My 1st lia sophia Monthly Unit Meeting

10 Jun

“To join or not to join?” That is the question.  Well, not really.  I had already decided that lia sophia is the thing for me.  But after attending my first “unit meeting,”  I am confident that I’ve made the right decision! 

So the unit meeting felt like sitting through an evening college class or a day of professional development at my school site.  Although there were similarities to sitting through a class, I saw several differences in this lia sophia meeting that stood out.  Let’s compare and contrast!

First of all, everyone was decked out in their lia sophia jewelry.  Yes, it was a little overkill, but I totally get it!  The ladies of lia sophia must be walking billboards to promote their businesses.  

Another difference?  The topics.  Various managers presented on different areas of expertise.  This definitely reminded me of professional development days at work.  I must say, I was really impressed!  The presenters had lots of energy and enthusiasm.  Another surprise?  There was lots of opportunities for engagement and interaction.  We listened to personal stories and experiences, watched others model how they present their Shows, worked in small groups, and role-played different situations.      

The last difference?  I could tell that the ladies loved spending time together with others that share the same passion and love for lia sophia jewelry!  There was a lot of laughing, smiling, and joking around as well.  No stiff business meeting here!  The meeting had a fun, relaxed atmosphere…and I learned so much more about the the lia sophia business.   

From start to finish, the unit meeting was filled with new business builder ideas, recognition for success, and lots of fun activities too!   Please email me if you have any questions at or if you are interested in placing an order, hosting a party, or joining my lia sophia team! 

Be in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself!

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